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Development of Wind Power in China


Some experts expect that wind power industry is going to enter a new stage in a few years. It has been developing fast for years but from now on it is going to be matured and stable.

Yang Xiaosheng, the chief engineer of the largest wind power enterprise mentioned in the Shanghai International Wind Power Conference that, Chinese government is still going to support the development of wind power industry as always

In 2012, China’s wind capacity reached 1296 GW, which is decreased by 26% compared to 2011. However, the target of wind capacity in 2013 is 1800GW. In order to achieve the target, National Energy Administration (NEA) is going to optimize the supporting policy. For example, NEA is considering reforming the electricity price. It will benefit green power. Ministry of Finance is going to optimize the Renewable energy subsidization as well, which could sufficiently encourage enterprises’ partipation in green energy. Furthermore, State Grid is constructing 7 UHV transmission lines, 4 of which will be for supporting wind power.

It brings lots of opportunities for related industries. Heat-exchangers are the key components for wind power plants, which directly affects the performance of wind power generator. DongRun has a rich experience in designing and manufacturing coolers for wind power plants. For example, we have produced related coolers for GE Energy (France), which are used in the off-shore wind power plants. We hope the development of wind power could help DongRun to participate in the green energy construction.

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